Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bankee Gundam Model Kit challenge

After all the hard work I've put doing my kits finally the unexpected happened.

I got the 1st place for the open category yehey

With Sir Rey from bankee and Oyama-san from Bandai

MG Epyon, Trophy and Cash 
thanks for looking :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

FLU, Toothache and Headache

I was not able to blog yesterday because of a god damned flu 

Anyways, I don't know what the hell is wrong with my mind I just thought that maybe eating too much will cure me I had chicken tenders with 2 extra rice and Large fries for brunch then I saw my friends in Timezone G4 and asked them If they would like to eat lunch (WTF I just finished eating 30 mins. ago) they said yes and they want KFC and try the tower burger.

WTF  KFC you call this a tower??
I didn't had any idea what the actual tower burger looks like but when I saw the box, packaging or whatever you call it was really big and its the biggest burger box I've seen so with no hesitations I ordered it
then the price is 148 for the meal and instead of fries we got is mashed potatoes. 

Then I immediately opened and checked what the actual burger looks like and wtf the chicken fillet and hash-brown is really small, also the only thing big is the bread and most of it's contents are lettuce which is about 1 inch of the so called " burger".

After hanging out in timezone for a while I decided to go to greenbelt before going home I was thinking of going to bonchon to eat when I saw Andok's so I decided to go there and eat 1 whole Liempo with 2 extra rice and a pineapple juice then I went home to get some rest and sleep.

Day 2

Nothing much happened today I woke up early because of my brother panicking about the earthquake then fell asleep again then I woke up and started my daily routine.

Still with flu and was super hungry I went to teriyaki boy and ate ramen for brunch. (I dunno why I keep on eating in that resto.) had burger for meryenda and the all time favorite 

North Park's Lechon Macau over Fried rice
Did I mention about may toothache?? hahaha

That's it thanks for reading my Blog! 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

MG Exia Metallic Pearl Color

My Bankee Model Kit Contest 2011 Entry

HGFC Nobell gundam

First time trying out Pastel Colors